Manhole and Handhole Assemblies

L.A. Boiler Works Inc. Handhole and Manhole Plates are certified for use at the pressure and temperature rating stamped on each plate. The pressure rating is stamped into each plate, except for the 3 x 4 handhole plate. The design pressure for the 3 x 4 handhole plate is 500 PSI @ 650°F. The design pressure has been determined by hydrostatically proof testing per ASME Code Procedures.

Material used in the manufacture of L.A. Boiler Works Inc. Manhole and Handhole Plates and Rings are in accordance with ASME Code Specifications. The material specification is stamped on each plate and ring.

Manhole and Handhole Rings are formed from materials listed in Section II and welded per Section IX of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Code. Identifying marks required by Code Paragraphs PG-11 and UG-11 are stamped on each ring. 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 Handhole Rings are certified for 500 PSI @ 650°F. 6 x 8 Handhole Rings are certified for 700 PSI @ 650°F. 11 x 15 Handhole and 12 x 16 Manhole Rings are certified for 600 PSI @ 650°F. 14 x 18 Manhole Rings are certified for 500 PSI @ 650°F. 18 x 24 Manhole Rings are certified for 200 PSI @ 650°F. Manhole rings are STRESS RELIEVED, after forming and welding, to comply with Paragraph UCS-79 (d), sub-paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, DIV. I.


L.A. Boiler Works Inc. Manhole and Handhole Assemblies are recommended for use ONLY on vessels containing LIQUIDS. THEY ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON VESSELS CONTAINING GASES.

Manhole and Handhole Rings are machined on one edge for a gasket surface. Care must be taken to install rings properly. Ring depths are nominal and are subject to a reduction of not more than 3/16" after machining.

L.A. Boiler Works Inc. manholes and Handholes are furnished with a black neoprene gasket, 55-65 Durometer, rated from -20°F to 170°F. GASKETS ARE FURNISHED AS AN ACCOMMODATION ONLY. NO WARRANTY ON GASKET SERVICE IS IMPLIED OR EXPRESSED. Manholes and Handholes can be ordered without gaskets. Metallic type gaskets are NOT recommended.

Manhole can be ordered with the Rings X-rayed. Minimum charge is $150.00 and/or $25.00 per manhole rings. Radiographic films will be mailed to your Quality Control Department.

LIABILITY - Responsibility is limited to quality and workmanship of metal parts as proved by vessel fabricators hydrostatic shop test. Liability is limited to replacement of or credit for the defective part only. NO CONTINGENT CHARGES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

All prices are subject to change without notice. All items shipped subject to price in effect at time of shipment. Return of goods will NOT be allowed unless written authorization is obtained. All returned goods must be returned FREIGHT PREPAID. Returned goods are subject to a nominal restocking charge. ALL MANHOLES ARE SHIPPED F.O.B., BLACKWELL, OKLAHOMA.

Payment terms are NET 30 DAYS. A charge of 1-1/2% will be collected on all past due accounts. Accounts which extend past 90 days automatically become C.O.D. accounts.

Claims for shortages must be made within 24 hours after receipt of material. Material lost or damaged in transit will be the responsibility of the carrier.

Manholes and Handholes in this catalog are registered in various Providences of Canada. Canadian registration numbers will be furnished to our Canadian customers on request.

Drawings in this catalog may not be an accurate representation of parts.